Bryanston Choral Society has about 100 singers, swelling to an exciting 250 musicians when we sing with the students of Bryanston School.

We rehearse in the Concert Hall of the magnificent new music department of Bryanston School, about 1 mile from Blandford.

Deputy Director of Music Graham Scott traditionally conducts the choir each Christmas term and he is also an exceptional organist and repetiteur. Will Ings, Head of Teaching and Learning at Bryanston School accompanies the choir when Graham is conducting.

You can come along for a session and see if it is right for you, before you sign up. Find out more about joining the choir.



In 1932, only 4 years after Bryanston School opened, a Musical Association was formed that led eventually to Bryanston Choral Society. This comprised local amateurs as well as pupils from Bryanston (all boys of course) and girls from its ‘sister’ school, Cranborne Chase. The Association put on less formal musical evenings than the Musical Union, which had been formed at the school’s inception and consisted of pupils supported by staff, to give concerts and recitals.

Bryanston’s Musical Association has been conducted by successive music staff at the school, including Directors of Music, up to the present day. Until recently, performances were accompanied by an orchestra drawn mainly from the school’s resources and outstanding pupils still play alongside professional musicians at the Spring concert.

Although the pupil element of what is now known as "Bryanston Choral Society" no longer rehearses on Tuesday evenings with the adult choir, since the introduction of ‘worknights’ that coincide with rehearsals, the choir still joins forces with the school choirs for the Spring concert. This takes place under the baton of the current Director of Music, recreating the spirit of the Association’s early days.